There are many many foods we can eat, such as apple, banana, pear, carrot, onion, like to eat apples will not be very strong! 有非常多的食物我们可以食用,像苹果,香

my favourite food is apples. do you know why? let me tell you. the first, the apples' 2011-10-06 18:44 提问者采纳 我最喜欢的食物是苹果.你知道为什么吗?让我来解释给你

my favourite food is cake.because it is very delicious.although cake is very sweet,it cake is my favourite .中文大意是:我最喜欢的食物是蛋糕,因为它很美味.虽然蛋糕很

In our country, there are plenty of delicious foods. They are popular among Chinese people. I like eating very much. There are many food I like, such as chicken, fish, beef, tofu, noodle and so on. Among them, fish and tofu are the food I like most. Fish is delicious as well as rich in nutrition.

例如. for example ,因为它很美味:我最喜欢的食物是蛋糕,但它看上去很漂亮.有许多东西在蛋糕上.在我的生日.我也非常喜欢吃巧克力.although cake is very sweet,

My favorite food is rice. Because that rice have a lot of nutrients, and carbohydrates that gives us the energy to work. We could use 1 bowl of the water and 1 cup of the rice to

My favourite food My favourite food is pears . Do you know why ? Let me tell you . The first , the colour is very beautiful . They are yellow . The second , the pears are very sweet . My mom and my dad like to eat , too . My favourite food is pears . How about you . can you tell me?

I'm a student.I like eggs and coconut.Because eggs is very good for me .It's very healthy.The coconut is a very sweet .The HauNan's coconut is very great.I like them. What

Unit1 / Introduction (介绍) Hello, I am Lily. There are six people in my family. Now let autumn, and winter. I like spring best(最爱). When spring comes in March. The

My favorite food is Fried potatoes, because potatoes very delicious, very sweet and it tastes very delicious, I will call my mother to do when you eat this dish.我最喜欢吃炒土

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