My favourite inventor My favourite scientist is American inventor ,Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison is famous for the electricity. He invented many useful things westill use nowadays.For example,in1876,somebody made telephone that could carry

It has considered that one of the most important inventions in 20 century is computer. It has brought many changes in this world. With the rapid development of science and

I want to be a musicianWhen I was young,I like to listen to music very much.I think the gentle songs makes me very relaxed.So I want to be a musician in the future.My friend and I aiways buy CDs in CD stores and we like the same kind of music.I

What is my favorite scientist?We know there are many scientists working or worked at the various fields, for example, Einstein, Newton, Dalton,and so on. But my favorite scientist is Alexander Gray Ham Baer who invented telephone in 1876. With

My favorite inventionIn our life,there are many great inventions,such as the light,the pencil,the bagAt the age of 6,my father brought a car,he took me to school on the first day of school.It was so exciting.I fell in love with this invention on that day.The

Computer Computer is a wonderful machine. It's a great invention in many years. It develops very quickly. The smallest computer is as big as a note-book. We call it pocket computer. Computer becomes more and more important in many ways. It

My Favorite InventionTo me,everything is so interesting in my life.Such as some inventions,which act important roles at everywhere.My favorite invention is light.It is simple but useful to everyone.It can shine that make people cansee in the night and

What is my favorite invention?We knew there had been many inventions at the last century, for example, electric light bulb, telephone, phonograph, mimeograph machine, automobile, airplane, atomic weapon, computer and so on. What is my

I think the most important modern invention is the Internet. With the Internet, we can do many things,for example, we can shop, learn knowledge, listen to music, and watch movies online. The Internet makes the world smaller. we can meet and talk to


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