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我喜欢的公司 英语作文

I want to be a teacher because I think they are great. If I become a teacher,I will work hard to teach my students. I will work with the children. I love children very much,so I will be happy every day. I will also be able to work outside sometimes. but I will

y store, I will put something I like in the case of my store, for example, some books, some toys, some collection or other nice things. I like all these things, and I like to share them with my customers who enjoy them just like me. When I am free, I can

My Ideal Job Although we are students now, I believe every student can speak out his or her ideal job in the future. My ideal future job is to be a news reporter. I want to be a famous news reporter in the future. I like to visit some places and pay more

my hobby i like to read books when i am free. i like to read all kinds of books including history books,detective story books,literature books or different magazines. i think reading is a good habit as well as a nice hobby to keep. through reading, i

一看就知道是你的任务还是作业什么的~~哈哈,希望你是先思考过才问的,只有自己提高才最重要的.教一下你写的方法吧.1.掌握一些好的短语,如楼上的my favorite job is 或the most lovely job for me is Th

《my favorite job》i want to be a reporter. 我想当一名记者.i want to work in tv station. 我想在电视台工作.i think it's kind of interesting to be a reporter. 我认为当一名记者非常有趣.because i like talking to people. 因为我喜欢同人们交谈.i can meet interesting people every day. 我可以每天见到有趣的人.and i can ask them questions. 我还可以问他们问题.

My Favorite ProfessionIf you are a junior (大三学生) or a senior (大四学生), you may be frequently asked, "What would you like to do in the future?" Whenever people ask me this question, my answer isalways the same, "To be a teacher.

My favorite job is the Police. The following are the reasons why I love this job. First of all, I think this job will make life very fulfilling. Second, this career can maintain social order. The police can also help many people. In addition, the police

my favorite book harry potter 我最喜欢的书《哈利波特》 do you know harry potter? it's one of my favorite readings. the hero harry potter is a student in a magic school. he wears glasses and has no parents, and now he is sixteen years old. he is very

n general, this essay not easily digress, examining the threshold is not high, but to write material contains the affection, meaning, and fun. It takes usually eye view society, think about society, the heart of others, broad-minded, full of emotion. When

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