then a whirl of wind blew me into the sky where i was quite unfamiliar with so i kept asking myself where the place was and why i wwas here ,then the voice of god answered me back “this is heaven and you are doomed to see me cause i felt bored

Lion was awakened from sleep by a Mouse running over his face.Rising up in anger,he caught him and was about to kill him,when the Mouse piteously entreated,saying:“If you would only spare my life,I would be sure to repay your kindness.” The

Once upon a time there was a mother duck had a lot of eggs, eggs are soon gave birth to little duck, one little ducks especially ugly, gray, the mother duck, its brothers and sisters are very hate it. The little duck is depressed left them outside, it is the

harmony with the environment is that we live in on earth, who is a natural son, and not only to natural persons as the conqueror, as we all know, there is only one earth and the mountains on earth, the animals. plant human cells, if it damaged,

《The Ugly Duckling》第一段"The Ugly Duckling” is a fairy tale(童话故事)by Danish poet and author (丹麦诗人和作者)Andersen(作者:安徒生(全名Hans Christian Andersen)). The story tells of a homely little duckling born in the

盘古的.Pangu Separates Sky from Earth China has a history longer than that of any other present-day nation, containing a plethora of myths and legends. Regarded as the "Chinese Adam" by Westerners, the first figure in China''s history was

summer is the season of the sun, the forest is the most fun, the most happy time.dog went out early in the morning, go to the river to take a bath it, cool off.not come to the river, he heard the distant sound of his partners laughter."they have to, ah! i

狐狸和乌鸦 一只狐狸曾经看到过乌鸦飞着一片奶酪用嘴叼着和解决靠在树枝上.“那是我的,因为我是一只狐狸说:“Reynard大师,他走到山脚下的那棵树.“你好,我的主人乌鸦,”他大声地说.“你正在今天怎么光滑;你的羽毛,照亮您的眼睛.我确信你的声音必须超越其他的禽类,就像你的图所做的事物,让我听听但一首 歌从您让我问你Birds.女王的乌鸦举起她的头,开始人才学她最大的努力,但是这一刻她张开嘴一块乳酪倒在地上,却被抢购一空所掌握的狐狸.”所做 的,”他说.”那个我所想要的东西.换你的奶酪,我要给你一个忠告的未来.”“不要相信献媚者


The crow stands on a tree, doing nothing all day long, the rabbit sees a crow, ask: can I like you, what all need not stem? The crow says:certainly have what can't? Hence, the rabbit is under the tree of vacant land up began to rest,suddenly, a fox

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