As a middle school student .I think can start the things around us to save something important .First ,make sure that the lights are turned off when we finish our work and leave the room .second ,we can save as much as paper as possible .Third ,we

hello! everyone my name is Tom .as we know, there's more and more pullation in our life . so, we have to do sometings to protect our invironment. now,i go to school on foot every day ,i won't leave school until turn off the lights after school,and i

protect the environment is our responsibility.because the environment is our living space.in order to keep our home clean ,we should protect our environment.we must try our best to do things around us,eventhough from a small thing on.such as don't

We often eat out,and we usually order more food than we need.Finally we can see a lot of food is left at the end of the meal.It was a great waste . Each year ,we wonder how much food we waste.Don't you feel pity when you see so many leftovers?

With the improvement of the living standards,many people are no longer interested in the simple life style and some of them even feel ashamed to be thrifty.What they pursue is the latest fashion.In their eyes,thrift is already out of style.However,still

Dear fellow students, Our government is aiming to build a “conservation-oriented society” (节约型社会). I think it is every citizen's duty to achieve this goal. As high students, what should we do? We should focus our attention on details around

nowadays, with the rapid development of the modern society, is seems that more and more people desire a rather luxurious than wealthy life, and some even consider it shameful to be thrifty. there are two different opinions about this phenomenon.

How to save water Water is very important in our life. We drink it every day and use it to cook and wash things. We can not live without water. But how can we save water? There are several ways to save water. Firstly, take shorter showers and don'

As is known to all, waste has become a more and more serious problem. We can easily see many persons dump a lot of food in the garbage can. Some persons spend thousands of yuan buying fashionable clothes and so on. The negative effects

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is XX. I come from XXX. Though I am a senior shool student, who am always busy in the heavy work, I still have many hobbies in my free time. I like English, singing and touching new things. And for me,

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