小心be careful in / take care 注意pay attention to 小心:look out,be careful 注意:Attention! pay attention to

小心,当心:Be careful. =Look out.

翻译为:小心[xiǎo xīn] 词典:take care; be careful; be cautious; be careful in; be careful of

小心和当心英文翻译是一样的.都是 Careful ; Wacth your back ; Take it easy ; Be Carfull 【例句】 一、当心,那条狗会咬人.Be careful,that dog bites. -《21世纪大英汉词典》二、你说话做事都要当心.You must be careful as to what you say or do. -《新英汉大辞典》三、当心,栗刺会刺你手指的.Be carefulthe chestnut burs can prickle your fingers. -《21世纪大英汉词典》

表示提醒的来时候,源有 Watch out!2113 Be careful!Look out!如果想表达当心5261 handle with great care\caution\be warned eg:Caution animals.当心牲畜.希望能4102够帮1653到你.

补充:Look out! 小心! Watch out! 小心! Mind out! 小心. Look out ! / Take care ! / Mind out ! 小心! Heads up! 小心! Watch it! 小心! Please is careful! 请小心! paw forward gingerly 小心前进 pick one's steps 步步小心 To be on the look out. 警觉,小心 望给予赞同!

当心e799bee5baa6e58685e5aeb931333431343634的英文表达有:be careful、take care、look out、watch out、beware1、be careful 读音:英 [bi: kful] 美 [bi krfl] n.注意;当心,小心 Be careful she's not just using you 当心她不只

当心beware 小心take care

take care; be careful; be cautious: 小心前进 paw forward gingerly; 小心走路[行动; 脚下] watch one's steps; 小心地驾驶失灵的飞机 nurse a crippled plane; 小心轻放! Handle with care! 小心, 危险! DANGER! 小心油漆! Mind the wet paint!

1. 关心 care about 主观、主动关心2. 照顾 take care (口语)3. 小心 watch out / be careful

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