I'm Li Hua, a Chinese student taking the English courses at our school. I'm interested in Music Club at Weekend and I'd like to join it if possible. I'm good at playing the

I'm a student from Class 2 Grade 6.I want to join the English club.I like English very 我非常喜欢英语,但不是很擅长,所以我想加入这个俱乐部来提高我的英语.我认为这是

my dream i have a dream that i am always young. then i will have enough energy to do everything whenever i want. moreover, i don't have to worry about the old age during

Hi! I really want to join in your soccer club. I am good at soccer and I promise I will take part in the activities. I will work hard for our team and participate in the training. Please let me join the soccer club, I'm waiting for your message.

加入足球俱乐部的申请书 Application to join the football club

i want to join the football club.first,i love soccer.i often play with my classmates after school.my favorite football star is beckham.second,i am good at playing football.我想加入足球俱乐部的英语作文

I went to my new house to my room. It is very big and beatiful. I will use a blue wardrobe and a blue bookcase. I saw a big bed and there was a blue sheet on it, I really liked

我是*年级*班的一名学生,我叫**,今年**岁.我对“爱心俱乐部”很感兴趣,所以我想加入它 I am a student in class 1 of grade 3, my name is li ping, 15 years old this year.

y Favourite team I am not a football player. In fact, my football skill is very bad. But this does not stop me to become a football fans. Speaking about the club, Inter Milan is my

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