every succesful man can not travel in two ways, Jay dosen't make the exception too. as we know, he is born talent of music. we can say his study is not good enough, but he indulged himself in the world of music. with his extraodinary style of creating

9.There are no two identical people exist in the world, but most successful people are similar in many ways. Good character is the foundation of success. Most of successful people are modest, diligent and creative etc. In my opinion, being confident,

he Road to successEveryone expects success, although knowing that success is not simple to achieve. So, looking for the way of the palace to success becomes people's priority. Because of this, many people are addicted to the success of others,

“Three, Two, One, Start”, with the light on, the final test in the Shanghai area of the English Contest in East China began. I'm the contestant“F”. Fortunately, during the first three items, my scores were lower only than the first one. But in the last


Failure is the mother of success. Sometimes people have to cope with many mistakes and failures in order to reach the successful finals. While others might succumb to failure, they tend to retreat and give in their efforts. Success often provides

The Way to Success First成功之路 No one has the exclusive way to success.Some say money.Some say love.Others say a house,a car,a child,a degree from a top university

The way to success There is no dobut that everybody wants to achieve success.Me either.To accomplish your goal,the most important thing is outstanding willpower rather

The Way to SuccessThere is a famous remark from Abraham Lincoln “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." That's to say, sharpening your knife won't waste your time for cutting your firewood.If

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