宠着我: favour / spoil / pet / indulge / adore me

我宠你,全部释义和例句>>I spoil you, 我宠你,全部释义和例句>>I spoil you,

有生之年 你宠我 You spoil me in the rest of my life.

reptile pets

宠我的哥哥Spoil my brotherspoil 英[spl] 美[spl] vi. 变质; 掠夺; 腐败; vt. 损坏,糟蹋; 把(酒,肉等)放坏; 溺爱坏,宠坏(孩子等); 抢劫,掠夺; n. 抢劫,掠夺; 废品,次品; 成功所带来的好处; (开掘等时挖出的) 弃土; [例句]It's important not to let mistakes spoil your life重要的是不要让错误毁了你的生活.

I dote on her.(dote on 宠爱,溺爱)

the population of the earth is increasing very fast. humans must make the earth support the increasing population. this has made it necessary for agriculture and industry to develop rapidly. such a rapid development produces more and more waste,

宠爱可用: pet 宠爱, 发脾气dote 宠爱, 溺爱, 宠,make a pet of 宠爱spoil 宠爱

baby ,I take care for you.楼主啊 英文不能这样用的啊 你试试用英文翻译唐诗去试试 一样的嘛 这种只有中国的语言特色 哪能那么生搬到英文上去大概就是这个意思了

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