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put out是什么意思中文

put out 英 [put aut] 美 [pt at] 词典 扑灭;伸出;生产;出版 双语例句1 I did not blame him for feeling put out. 我没有因为心烦而责备他.2 He was plainly very put out at finding her there. 发现她在那里他明显很不安.

put out 英音:['put aut]美音:['put aut] put out的中文翻译以下结果由译典通提供词典解释put out1.伸出It's dangerous to put out your hand now. 现在你把手伸出去是危险的. 2.熄灭Put out the fire before going to bed. 睡觉之前先熄掉炉火. 3.出版4.

put out[英][put aut][美][pt at]扑灭; 伸出; 生产; 出版; 双语例句 1Barry had his nose put out of joint by Lucy's aloof sophistication.露西的冷淡与世故使得巴里十分不快.2And he tried to put out a report of the incident to prove it.他还试图发表一篇有关该事故的报告来证明这一点.

put out_有道词典put out熄灭;伸出;出版;使不方便,打扰更多释义>>[网络短语]put out 熄灭,关,扑灭put someone out 给某人添麻烦,把有人出来,有人把put you out 把你,把你们,你添麻烦


put out的意思是:vt. 熄灭;用;发表;促销生产;激怒 vi. 出发;努力 详细解释:用作及物动词 (vt.)1,The government put out a warning against flood.政府发出了预防水灾的警告.2,Far water does not put out near fire.[谚]远水救不了近火.3,

熄灭1. The fire was put out soon. 火很快就被来熄灭了.2. Far water does not put out near fire. 【谚】远水救不源了近火.3. The government put out a warning against flood. 政府发出了预防水灾百的警告.4. I'll try to put out some feelers to

put out 伸出 It's rude to put out your tongues at people. 对人吐舌头是不礼貌的. 扑灭; 熄灭 They quickly put out the fire. 他们迅速将火扑灭. 生产; 制造 The engine puts out thirty horsepower. 这台发动机可产生30马力. 出版; 发行; 发布

go out1. 外出She's gone out for a walk.她外出散步了.2. 熄灭His cigarette has gone out.他的香烟灭了.3. 过时This method went out long ago.这种方法早就过时了.4. 过完The year went out slowly.这一年慢慢过去了.put out1. 伸出It's dangerous

put out of意思是“退出”;而put out off意思是“熄灭”.1、put out of:退出 put out of还可以翻译为去掉、发(芽)、使失去,后面要加名词,固定搭配:put sb out of mind,忘记某人;put something out of action,使失去效用;使失掉战斗力.

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