eg:Does he often score for our school football team? 他经常为我们学校的足球队得分吗 eg:Within the perfect cup a score of clustered seeds are nestled.在这完美的杯状巢里When did the London team score the second goal?伦敦队是什么时候攻进第二球的?有一打簇拥在一堆的种子

在大自然的怀抱里安家 nestle 是安家,筑巢的意思,雀巢知道吧,就是这个意思


迟日江山丽,春风花草香.泥融飞燕子,沙暖睡鸳鸯The mountains and rivers bathed in the beauty of the spring, the spring breeze sent the fragrant flowers and flowers. Swallows nested in wet mud and nestled on the sand.

crescent [英]kresnt [美]krsnt n. 新月,月牙;伊斯兰教的标记 adj. 新月形的;渐圆的,渐强的 [例句]A crescent saturn appears nestled within encircling rings in this cassini spacecraft image.在这张卡西尼号的照片中,土星环紧贴着新月形的土星.更多示例用法

happiness, is the warmth when nestled in her mother's warm embracehappiness, is the respect when watch parent's vicissitudinary face attentively happiness is a mistery, if you let one thousand people answer, there would be one thousand kinds of answers.

25.how 考查表语从句,那就是凯文罗,销售经理,怎么样来描述这个公司的.所以答案是how26.that/which 考查定语从句,.凯文罗怎么样来描述这个公司,这个公司再生产经典车的高质量的零部件,this company 在

吉姆.JIM abbr. Japan Institute of Metals 日本金属学会; 全部释义>> [例句]Jim bowed himself out of the competition when he learned who his opponent was.吉姆得知谁是他的对手后,退出了比赛.Jim 英 [ dm ] 美 [ dm ] n.吉姆(呢称)

guatemala city位于【危地马拉】 Guatemala City (Spanish: Ciudad de Guatemala), locally known as Guatemala or Guate, is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Guatemala, and the most populous in Central America. The city is located in

featuring feature的现在分词形式; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句:1.Linkedto: new york city tribute video featuring iconic photography and frank sinatrasinging in the background. 指向内容:向纽约致敬的视频,其中包括标志性的照片,背景是歌手弗兰克西纳特拉在演出2.An alaskan breakfast featuring reindeer meat and an egg nestled on a pancake. 阿拉斯加早餐---特色就薄烤饼配是驯鹿肉和鸡蛋.

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