我觉得是 Juno 的 《back home>

歌曲名:Way Back Home 歌手:The Jazz Crusaders 专辑:Groove Crusade The Wreckers - Way back home Stand Still,Look Pretty Somewhere in the country There's a place Where nobody knows your name When I'm feeling lonely there's a train

歌曲名:Back Home歌手:Syd专辑:Fault LinesDon't let your eyes get used to darknessThe light is coming soonDon't let your heart get used to sadnessPut your hope in what is trueNo matter how the wind may blowIt can not shake the sunLay your

1 mylove《thenumberonestour》 (搜索) 2 youraisemeup《youraisemeup》 (搜索) 3 seasonsinthesun《liveatwembleyarenathemarch》 (搜索) 4 therose《钟爱一生情歌自选辑》(加入播放) 5 soledad《coasttocoast》(加入播放)

歌曲名:Way Back Home歌手:The Crusaders专辑:ScratchThe Wreckers - Way back homeStand Still,Look PrettySomewhere in the countryThere's a placeWhere nobody knows your nameWhen I'm feeling lonely there's a trainThat helps me run

Home 回家 Westlife(西城男孩) Another summer day Is come and gone away In Paris and Rome But I wanna go home Mmmmmmmm Maybe surrounded by A million people I Still feel all alone I just wanna go home Oh I miss you, you know And I'

歌曲名:Coming Back Home歌手:Tony Williams专辑:The Joy Of FlyingDownhere - Coming Back HomeAfter the longest exileTrying to fake it on my ownI'm aching for my home.I've been astray for much too longAnd knowing I've done you so

1.home Shane:Another summer dayHas come and gone awayIn Paris or RomeBut I wanna go homeuhmMay be surrounded byA million people IStill feel all aloneAnd just wanna go homeI miss you, you knowAnd I've been keeping all the

是麦克学摇滚的《that's why (you go away)》吧 that's why you go 那是为何(你走了) baby won't you tell me why?宝贝不要告诉我为什么 there is sadness in your eyes.你的眼底写着悲咽 i don't wanna say goodbey to you.我不想就此与你告别 love

是不是one republic的《come home》

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