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games today

:But you played it yesterday.

答案是:Play computer games today !

let's play computer games today!

fancy doing 全部释义和例句>> 喜欢做某事 fancy nancy did not fancy doing fancy work.时髦的南希不喜欢做针线活.


我今天玩游戏 i paly games today(一般现在时) 我打算今天玩游戏(将来时) i am going to paly games 我已经玩游戏好长时间了(完成时) i have played games for a long time 我昨天玩游戏的 i played games yesterday(过去式) 我一直玩游戏(完成进行时) i have been playing games

being a volunteer is great now in china, there are many volunteers. they do lots of things to help people who need help. and the work they are doing is important. i want to be a volunteer as a teacher when i am older. because i love children and i


你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题:Let's play computer game today.

play games的中文意思是:玩游戏.例句:1、I play games after school with my friends and then go home at half past four. 放学后我和我的朋友们玩游戏,然后在四点半回家.2、Sometimes we would play games one after another. 有时,我们会

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