The four great inventions Paper: paper is an important chemical processes, the invention of paper is Chinese in the spread of human culture and development make a valuable contribution, is China's chemical history of a major achievement.The

the four great inventions in china, (paper, printing, the compass and the gunpowder,)四大发明是火药、造纸、罗盘和印刷术

As we all know,The Compass ,Gunpowder ,Papermaking,and Printing are our Chinese great inventions.Our ancestors created them by their own mind and hand.These inventions not only have an effect on our daily life,but also contribute to the

中国现代四大发明一般指新四大发明,所谓“新四大发明“是指“高铁、扫码支付、共享单车和网购”.2017年5月,来自“一带一路”沿线的20国青年评选出了“中国的新四大发明”:高铁、扫码支付、共享单车和网购.1、High-speed rail

指南针 compass火药 gunpowder造纸术 paper making technique印刷术 printing technique

China was the first nation who invented paper. The earliest form of paper first appeared in the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-23AD), but the paper was generally very thick, coarse and uneven in their texture, made from pounded and disintegrated

it is known that after the human infects the Type A H1N1 flu's symptom and cold is similar, the patient will appear has a fever, the cough, wearily, to have a poor appetite and so on. In the prevention aspect, Xu Ruiheng thought that the present stage

The Four Great Inventions of ancient China are, according to Chinese tradition and the British scholar and biochemist Joseph Needham: The Compass Gunpowder Papermaking Printing These inventions are celebrated in Chinese culture for their

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