Friendship is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world. --John Evelyn 友谊是把全世界所有的心连在一起的一根金线. --约翰伊夫林 What though youth gave love and roses, age still leaves us friends and wine. --Thomas Moore 青春赋予

A life without a friend is a life without a s un. Friendship is one of the most import ant things in everyone's life. So, I think, e very one of us, rich or poor, should at le ast have one or two good friends. As stu dents, we could share more time with ou r

Friendship Nero: Dennis! The day after tomorrow is lily's birthday, how about a birthday party?!Dennis: Well, you must haven't know what happened between us.Nero: en? What's wrong? Dennis: We have finished.Nero: What?! Why?!Dennis:

你要关于什么啊? A:Hi friend,how you doing?朋友,你好吗? B:Hi, I'm good.嗯,我很好. A:What do you think about friendships?关于友情你有什么看法呢? B:I think in order to be friends, we should trust each other and care about each other.我

AChristmasGift圣诞礼物 Shop-assistant : May I help you, sir? Mr. Yung : Er…I wart to buy my wife a gift for Christmas, but I don't know what she would like. Shop- assistant : How about an evening gown? These are all from Paris. Mr. Yung : No. She

1I've had a great life because I've got you ae a real friend. 我的生活精采因为有了你这个朋友 2You are the best friend becuase you always can listen to what I don't say! 你是那位可以听到我心里深处的朋友! 3Time is flying away,and years are

A: Hey, dude! B: Hey, what's up!A: Not muchB: Do you still remember the proverb "A friend in need is the friend indeed" we learned today in the class?A: Sure!B: What do you think of it? A: En It is good, very imprressive~ B: Come on, I'm

原发布者:花絮杀 Friends/friendship赵云:Hey,mydearroommates!(愁眉苦展)嗨!我亲爱的室友!Lisha,周,章:Hey,zhaoyun!嗨!赵云!丽萨:Areyouok?你还好吗?赵:Yeah,I'mfine.

A:I have a good friend , but she got angry with me . B: What's the matter ? A: Yesterday , she asked me for my homework , but I told her she should do homework by herself. B: I think you're right. You can't lend your homework to others ,though she is

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