My school is very big and beautiful. I'm very happy in the school. I usually get up at 6:15 in the morning. then I do morning exercises on the playground. At 6:40, I have my

am a boy student from Class1 Grade 9. I'd like to join the Helping Hands Club. My name is Wang Lin.I am healthy. I work hard at my lessons. I like helping others. I get on

Welcome to our International Art Club! Our club has just been established recently, the lack of a lot of people who can help us. If you can join our club, we will be very happy. Our club has a lot of facilities that can provide a wide range when you need help, we are all friends. Finally, I hope you can join us! !

we had a sports meeting last friday. all of the students took an active part in it. our class did very well in the sports meeting. the boys won the boys' 400 metres, and the girls

With the development of Student Union, we now want an English advisor, whose mother tongue is English and you will have the priority if being able to speak fluent Chinese.

Teacher Wanted Our school needs a teacher. You should work hard and love your job. You'd better like to play with children. Can you speak English and French? If you can, that will be better. Can you sing, dance or play an instrument? If you can, please contect usconnect a telephone call:xxxxxxxxxx

we want some students for our school sports club .Are you good at sports? Do you like sports? Can you run ? can you jump ? Can you swim ? Can you play basket ball ,volleyball or soccer? Then come and be in our school sports club. Please call Tom at 2066-3089.

let's play sports!it is the time to walk out of classroom and do some sport! for your health, fun, and great time together.the sports club has arranged the some games for you,

We want a PE teacher for the School PE Club.He must be friendly to all the students.He can dance,swim,play football,play basketball and play table tennis. He is able to give lessons to the students in the evening. 打得好累,希望能被采纳,谢谢你了啦

There is an English Club that was set up last year in our school.In the beginning,few students go to it.But now more and more students like going to it.There are many activities

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