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用doing sth各写三个句子

i will finish something i want to finish if i don't finish it,i will be unhappy. can you help me to finish it?

love to do 表示想做而未作love doing 表示自己喜欢,表示一种状态 i love to go to paris i love watching tv

1.She went on writing the article for three hours. 2.The man goes on reading English for an hour every day. 3.The woman goes on singing some songs in the next room. 1.The girl has kept on doing her homework for an hour. 2.The boy had kept on

1.I take in pleasure in doing you a favor. 我很乐意帮你一把.2.I take in pleasure in walking with you.我很高兴和你一起走.3. I take in pleasure in talking with you.我很喜欢和你聊天.take pleasure in doing sth.的意思是“做某事很高兴” “喜欢做某事”的意思.

start 的意思是:开始 doing 那是单词 do 的正在进行时 start doing sth 的意思是:正在开始干什么事情了 你造句,可以想想正开始干什么事了,就可以了呀.

I have fun reading this book.I have fun playing football.I have fun studying math.

答案:She is having fun learning English. We are having fun drinking juice. He is having fun eating fish. 【数学辅导团荣幸为你解答】 【为了你宝贵的学习时间,我们将以最简略的方式为你解答】

(1)You won't even feel like doing anything since it's so disorganized. 因为工作区混乱,你甚至不想做任何事情. (2)It's great to be here with these people and do what we feel like doing. 和这些朋友们在一起感觉真的很好,我们可以做自己想做的事

主语放在句子开头. 1.I make a living by selling book. 2.Father makes a living by fishing. 3.Mother makes a living by working as a teacher.

1. My grandfather used to smoke but he doesn't any longer. 我爷爷以前经常抽烟,但现在再也不抽了. 2. My grandmother is used to living in the countryside. 我奶奶习惯了住在乡下. 3. The toothbrush is used to brush your teeth. 牙刷是被用来刷牙的.

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