Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though they're here to stay.昨天,我所有的问题好像都远离我而去,现在看来,好象他们从没有离开过.


I bought a bag yesterday. I went to the park yesterday. I read a book yesterday. I taught danny to played ping-pong. I ate an apple yesterday. Yesterday i played basketball.

I did my homework yesterday.我在昨天做了作业.Last weekend,I went swimming.上个周末我去游泳了.

I went to park yesterdang.我昨天去公园.I did my homework yesterday.我昨天写了家庭作业.yesterday 用在过去式句子中,动词也应该用过去式.

I caught a bird yesterday.School closed yesterday.It was raining hard yesterday.We are working today.They are playing today.He is studying today.It is going to rain tomorrow.We are going to school tomorrow.He is going to the movie tomorrow.

I went home after school yesterday. Lily played games after class this afternoon. Bob played football after school Mum went shopping with my grandmother yesterday. You made it awful!


1;i washed my face yesterday.[wash]2;i heard some noise outside.[hear]3;i cried at home last night.[cry]4;he travelled to australia two weeks ago.[travel]5;i caught my cat in the garden this morning.[catch]

主语 + was或were(be动词的过去式)+sth (随意)

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