1=one 2=two 3=three 4=four 5=five 6=six 7=seven 8=eight 9=nine 10=ten 11=eleven 12=twelve 13=thirteen 依次在单词后面加上teen为十几以上至十九20=twenty 21=twenty-

in english.

I'm sorry for you,but I will forever love you.I'm reluctant to abandan you…reluctant…

1nineteen forty-two 2one hundred and one 3one hundred and ten 4one hundred and twelve 5one thousand and one

Once the industry's production trends to a little inprovement ,we'll update the schedule and tell you

用强调句型; It is you my absolute favorite girl that hurt my heart deeply. 深深伤害我的人就是你,我最最爱的女该.

honey, i love you, really love you. i wanna be with you forever. i genuine had a long time not see you. i dont know you still love me just like before or not. i think you should not be.

Eight o'clock如果要区分上下午的话,上午说:Eight am;下午说:Eight pm.满意望采纳 :)

You are the only person who can make me happy. 给我幸福 不能直接就翻译成 give me happiness 这样说不自然,太直扳,太汉语化了. 我在国外呆这么多年,还是我这么说的多. 搂主自己选吧,全意取个人意见.

Buyer(买家).Saler(卖家) S:what can I do for you ? B:I want to buy something according to the list of shopping which my mother gives me .Here you are S:Thanks ,I

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